Poison Koopa

Poison Koopa

Poison(known As Fella Koopa) was A strong fella. Stronger then the Knothole Freedom Fighters. he Defeated them a 6 years ago in episode 1. This is Before Lil'Punk Came. he was Born witha Evil-Bloody Black Hand. and when he was soar he has to replace it with a Meacha Arm. Thats when he Became Stronger. He Had power of a demon war.


Brothers And SistersEdit

  1. Jonny Jr.(Older Brother)
  2. Death Koopa(2nd Older Brother)
  3. Lil'Bowser(3rd older twin. a 2 mintue Older than Him)
  4. Cindy B. Koopa(5th Older Sister)
  5. Ashura O. Koopa(6th older brother.)
  6. Piccolo Koopa(7th Older Brother)
  7. Lil'Punk(1st Youngest sister)
  8. Lagoon Sr.(2nd Youngest Brother)


  1. Punkettes86(Mommy)
  2. Jonny Koopa(Papa)


Curly H. Koopa(1st Cousin)

Hurley Jr.

Adrian Jr.

Jaws Jr. Sr.

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